Giraffe Car Rentals CAR HIRE NEWS
Car hire gives you the freedom to travel on your own time without having to worry about MOTs, insurance or road tax.
Among the car hire options that Giraffe Car Rentals offer are compact, minivan and intermediate sized cars so that you have flexibility with your travelling plans.

Our huge range of cars mean that you can accommodate as many passengers and their luggage as you need. Moreover our unlimited mileage offer means that there is nothing you have to worry about when driving, as does as our comprehensive road side assistance. Even if it is only your tire that needs changing, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it just give us a call.

Despite all these benefits our car hire is not expensive. Daily rates start at a mere £11 per day and liability insurance, premium location fees, road fund tax and VAT local tax are all included in that price.

For your peace of mind all our vehicles, no matter what size or make they are come with a vehicle theft waiver and a collision damage waiver. And we also have our new insurance option which means that you can avoid paying all excess charges for a small fee. Even if you are not a confident driver we have a package to suit your needs.
By booking car hire on line you are making sure that you can reserve your vehicle ahead of time and get exactly what you want. It also gives you the chance to request any optional extras which might make your journey easier such as a child seat.

Giraffe car hire has branches right across the United Kingdom as well as at all major airports so if you are newly arrived in Great Britain we can meet you and show you to your car while answering any questions you have.
For Car Rental locations in Australia, USA and Canada you can visit our US site Giraffe Car Rentals.
Hire cars instantly online with the new Giraffe Car Rentals website which offers unbeatable prices. Our team of dedicated staff work around the clock to find you the cheapest deals so that you can save money for a rainy day. We also know that your time is as valuable as your money and that’s why we can give you a quote in no time at all.

Hire cars in destinations across the United Kingdom including all major towns, cities and airports with Giraffe car rentals. They can even be picked up and dropped off to separate points if you are not planning to return to the place of hire car origin. Hire cars come in all shapes and sizes when you book them with Giraffe car rentals.

Some hire car choices include economy, full size and premium vehicles and we have a fleet of road worthy cars made by well know manufacturers such as Renault, BMW and Range Rover.

Don’t worry if you are not over 25 as we may be able to provide you with a smaller vehicle. Remember to check out the terms and conditions of a vehicle if you are interested in renting it. Also make sure you have all the required documents for car hire. More information can be obtained on our website.

Our hire cars have fully comprehensive insurance which protects you against accidents and theft while you can take out a new insurance option so you never have to pay an excess charge if something goes wrong. Please check the terms of your hire car insurance as there are some exceptions in cases of negligent driving or drink driving.
Giraffe Car Rentals has an excellent track record with UK car hire so you can rely on us to make sure you have a safe and pleasant journey.